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According to recent reports, over one million American seniors have taken out a reverse mortgage.* Seniors that take advantage commonly receive 50% of the equity in their home as a lump sum or through scheduled payments. However, many that might qualify still remain unaware.

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Reverse Mortgage Pros

  • Live in your home and retain title as long as you continue to pay your property taxes, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Loan proceeds are commonly tax-free and can be used in almost any way the borrower sees fit. Speak with an advisor to learn more.
  • No more monthly mortgage payments during the course of the loan. Just be sure to maintain all required homeowner responsibilities.
  • Receive the funds how you want; one-time lump sum, line of credit, or a steady stream of monthly advances. American Advisors Group (AAG) (NMLS# 9392) will help you to understand those options.
  • Generally, a reverse mortgage loan will not affect Social Security or Medicare benefits. However, consult a financial professional to determine the potential implications before enrolling.
  • If your home value increases, you can always consider refinancing your reverse mortgage to access even more loan proceeds.

Ready to see if you qualify? Visit American Advisors Group (AAG) (NMLS# 9392), take the short survey and understand your options!

Reverse Mortgage Cons

  • Fees associated with the loan are generally higher than with other financial products. Take to your advisor about all available options.
  • The balance of the loan increases over time as does the interest on the loan and the fees associated.
  • A reverse mortgage loan becomes due and must be repaid when a “maturity event” occurs.